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That’s simple! To proceed payment you have to scan QR code, choose payment method and verify it. It’s no need in downloading app or registering in our system. It was never so easy to tip someone!

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+250 RSD
+5 TND
+10 AED
+15 AED
+5 BAM
+5 €

Convenient and detailed statistics

Using Built in statistics you can trace you income and withdrawals, improve and analyse your best performers and identify areas of improvement.

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Same day withdrawals, to make a withdraw simply connect your card to your account and order withdraw in payment area.

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Who is our service for

For business

Increasing employees satisfaction for the their jobs. Analyzing and Improving hospitality level. Comparing job performance of employees. All in one system : performance of crew will be shown in statistics area and multiple filters can be applied.

  • Connect several people at once

  • See employee statistics

  • Manage as one system

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Question & Answer

How to?


How Toghether App works?

To become our user and start receiving tips you simply need to : 1.Download and register in our app 2.Generate QR code and present it to customer 3.Withdraw recceived money to your bank card.

How to leave a tip with Together?

  1. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code or follow the link. Enter the tip amount and choose a convenient payment method - one-click payment or by entering your bank card details. Confirm the payment . The sender can optionally compensate the service fee for the recipient, so that they receive the full tip amount.

Is Together App secure ?

Our system is constructed with highest level security measures similar to those employed by leading banks and financial institutions, ensuring complete safety. Together app doesn't store your card details; instead, they are securely processed through our payment processing partner, a globally recognized company adhering to the highest industry standards.

How to withdraw funds?

To withdraw fund from you account you will need to input your bank account details and aprove withdraw in assigned area. After withdraw was approved money will arrive to your card in period of 1-3 days.